Binding Comparisons

Coil Binding
Coil Binding is the most popular choice in binding. Sometimes referred to as Spiral Binding it offers flexible coil that withstands tough handling. If compressed, the coil bounces back to regain its shape. Coil is offered in a wide variety of colors. Books lie flat and open cover to cover 360°. Coil-bound documents may be bound up to 50mm or 2” in thickness. Coil is inserted through the holes manually or electrically with a coil inserter. Coil crimpers allow you to cut and crimp the ends of the coil holding the pages and covers in place. Coil binding is excellent for odd size reports. Coil bindings are available in 12” for standard size documents or 36” lengths for larger size documents. Coil is available in 4:1 (4 holes per inch) or 5:1 (5 holes per inch), the 4:1 & 5:1 coils are not interchangeable.
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Comb Binding
Plastic Comb Binding is one of the simplest methods of binding. The pages of comb-bound books lie flat for easy reading. The flexible plastic binding can be reopened and closed for easy updating of pages. After updating you can reuse the same binding comb. Pages can be bound up to 2 inches in thickness. Plastic comb bindings come in a variety of colors and are extremely cost effective. The standard length of a comb bind is 19 rings for binding 11” in length. Custom lengths are available.
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Wire Binding
Double Loop Wire Binding, the premier choice in wire binding allows you to create hi-tech looking reports. This professional look allows books to lie flat and be turned 360°. There are 2 different hole patterns with Double Loop Wire. The standard and most popular is 32 loops or 3:1 (3 holes per inch) that lets you to bind from 1/4” to 9/16”. If you are looking to bind larger books then you will use 21 loops or 2:1 (2 holes per inch) hole pattern which will allow you to bind books from 1/4” to 1 1/4”. Standard double loop wire is 32 (3:1) or 21 (2:1) loops for binding 11” in length. Custom lengths are available. Wire bound reports, once bound, cannot be edited easily and the binding wire cannot be reused.
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Velobind/Strip Binding, also known as Hot-Knife Strips, provides a sophisticated professional look. Excellent for legal briefs, transcripts, financial reports, and more. This secure sleek document is easy to mail and easy to file. VeloBind/Strip bound documents can be bound up to 3” in thickness and up to 14” in length. VeloBind/Strip bindings are offered in a variety of colors. VeloBind/Strip Bindings are 11-prong strips that provide a tamper-resistant bind, which is difficult to edit, and the strip cannot be reused. Another form of Strip Binding is the desktop 4-prong strips which allow you to open and close the same strip for easy editing of pages. Velobind/Strip Binding and Desktop strips are not compatible. A Desktop Machine punches a 4-hole pattern, and uses the 4-prong strip. A VeloBind/Strip Binding Machine punches 11 holes, and uses the 11-prong hot-knife strips.
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Unibind Supplies
The Unibind SteelBinding Systems are fast and easy to operate. They use a thermal heat binding process that produces great looking reports. Unibind offers a wide variety of spines and covers to choose from. Easy to use, simply place the pages into the Steelbacked Spine or Steelbacked Covers, then place the document onto the Unibind Binding Machine and in approximately 90 seconds your document is bound and ready. It's that easy. There is no need for punching paper. The Unibind Binding Machines allow you to bind from one to fifty documents at a time. The system will bind books up to 340 pages. The unibind system allows you to edit pages quickly and easily.
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Thermal Binding
Thermal Binding is the easiest method of binding. There are no holes to punch. This heat-activated system uses a unique one-piece cover with a strip of hot-melt glue placed in the spine area. Your pages are inserted into the cover and placed into the thermal binding machine. The binding process is automatically controlled, and allows you to bind single or multiple books. Pages may be added or removed by re-heating the cover in the thermal binding machine. Custom covers are also available. Thermal Binding Machines   Thermal Binding Supplies

Tape Binding
Tape Binding Systems bind by wrapping a heat-activated binding strip around the pages of the document and securing the pages together. The tape-bound documents are produced quickly and easily. No hole punching is necessary. We offer linen textured tape binding strips that are available in 11'' lengths for binding from 5 pages up to 350 sheets of 20# bond paper. These strips are used in the Fastback or Accubind systems. See our wide selection of tape binding colors. The finished documents lie flat and are easy to file and mail.
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Screw Posts and Binding Rings
Aluminum Screw Posts are an easy way to bind together scripts, sample swatches, photo albums and more. Simply punch a hole, or multiple holes in your project, slide the post through and tighten down the screw cap. The screw comes with a slot head and threads into the post easily. The posts are approximately 3/16'' in diameter and slide into a 1/4'' hole. Extension posts are available to allow you to increase the posts capacity by extending the length of posts.
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Wire Comb Binding
Wire Comb Binding Hole Uses the same hole pattern as plastic comb binding. If you already have Plastic Comb Binding Equipment, all you need is a wire closer. All this makes wire comb binding more economical as far as equipment purchases. However, the wire comb binding supplies tend to be more expensive than double loop supplies. The wire comb binding loops are spaced farther apart than double loop. Wire comb-binding documents can be bound up to 1" in thickness. Wire comb binding standard length is 19 loops for binding 11” in length.

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