VersaMac Plus Electric Punch-Ejector-Stacker

VersaMac punch, stacker and ejector in one machine

  • VersaMac Plus
    Commercial Grade Electric Modular Punch with Automatic Paper Ejector and Stacker

    This High-Volume Heavy Duty VersaMac Plus Modular System is a Commercial Grade Electric Punch with Automatic Paper Ejector & Stacker. With its ability to Automatically Punch, Eject, Stack, and Jog, the Akiles VersaMac Plus is the perfect solution for commercial environments, where speed and dependability are key.

    Includes One Free Standard Die and is covered by an industry leading 3 year warranty and loaner program.

    Features Include
    Heavy Duty Punch Motor: Punches over 500 sheets per min with 70 punch cycles per minute
    Interchangeable Die: Quickly change punch patterns by sliding any available die sets in and out
    Extra Large Paper Stacker: Holds up to 1500 sheets of 20lb paper and includes a built-in jogger
    Side Margin Control: Positions your paper for a well-centered punch
    Stacking Stabilizer
    Manual Jam Release: (Behind machine)
    Die Lock w/ Safety Sensor
    Reverse Button
    Mode Toggle: Switch between Auto, Foot Pedal, and Punch Only Operation
    Paper Guides: Adjustable guides align stacks up to 14" wide
    3 Year Warranty: Covered by an industry leading 3 year warranty and loaner program
    Item # 34164-00 You save: $3,880.00
    List Price: $11,579.00 Now Only: $7,699.00


    Optional Accessories/Supplies
    Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Quantity
    34122-06 2:1 Wire Binding Die
    Rectangular Hole
    $1,369.00 $899.00
    34123-06 3:1 Wire Binding Die
    Square Hole
    $1,369.00 $899.00
    34124-06 4:1 Coil Binding Die
    Round Hole
    $1,369.00 $899.00
    34125-06 4:1 Coil Binding Die
    Oval Size Hole
    $1,449.00 $979.00
    34126-06 Comb Binding Die
    Rectangular Hole
    $1,369.00 $899.00
    34127-06 3 Hole Die
    Round Hole
    $1,369.00 $899.00
    34128-06 3:1 Wire Binding Die
    Square Hole with Half-Moon Cut
    $1,449.00 $979.00
    34129-06 3:1 Wire Binding Die
    Round Hole with Half-Moon Cut
    $1,449.00 $979.00