ProCrease M2 Manual Paper Creaser

James Burns Procrease M2.1 manual paper creaser 2 magnetic paper stops  creasing width 19.8" channel crease 2mm
Features Include
Manual paper creaser
Two magnetic paper stops assure exact position of each crease location on repetive jobs
Creasing width 19.3''
Creasing channel 2mm
Machine dimensions 23.75'' x 22.25'' x 6
Machine weight 25lbs
All Metal construction
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Ships UPS Ground

Manual Paper Creaser

All Metal Construction With Two Paper Stops To Assure The Exact Position For Creasing

Model ProCrease-M

The new and improved James Burn USA ProCrease M2.1 manual channel creasing machine is designed to prevent cracking on toner-based digitally printed graphics. It features heavy duty all-metal construction and two magnetic paper stops to ensure exact positioning for each crease location. It can crease up to 19.3" wide with a 2mm channel. New and improved crease bar spacers on the M2.1 make this desktop paper creaser more user friendly and durable.

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