210PB Manual Comb Binding System

Tamerica PBP comb binding machine, punch handle, depth selector, comb opener control

Manual Comb Binding System
Model PBP Combo

The PBP Combo manual punch and bind machine is easy to operate. Simply pull down on the handle to punch and push the handle back to bind. The unit punches 12" in binding length and binds 2" in thickness. The 21 disengageable dies makes this unit ideal for odd-size jobs as well as letter-size presentations. Incorporated in the unit is a 4-position margin control which ensures the proper depth hole placement for thicker documents. The comb binding opening control allows the combs to open at a certain spot on the comb when multiple combs of the same size are being bound.

Features Include
Binds from 2 pages to 2 inches
Punches approximately 12 sheets of 20# paper
21 disengageable dies
4 position depth selector
Comb opening control
2 year limited manufacturer's warranty
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List Price: $349.00 Now Only: $239.00

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