V3000-PRO SecureBind 3'' Hot Knife Machine

Tamerica V3000 Velobind machine punches 25 sheets manually binds

(In The 48 Contiguous United States)
Manual Punching and Binding
Binds using the hot-knife technology for securebound documents

The V3000-PRO offers manual punching and can punch up to 25 sheets of 20lb paper at a time. The unit punches up to 14'' in length. This unit allows you to bind documents up to 3'' in thickness approximately 750 sheets. The V3000-PRO can be used as a single unit or for greater productivity the unit can be split into two separate units one for punching and one for binding. The V3000-PRO offers hot-knife binding technology -- the pressure bar holds sheets together firmly to produce a tight bind and the unit automatically shears off the extra binding pins and heat seals the strips adding security to your documents. This Securebind machine produces professional securely bound documents quickly and easily.

Features Include
Punches up to 25 sheets at a time
Binds documents up to 3'' in thickness
Binds up to 14'' in length
Manual punching and binding
Can be split into separate units one for punching one for binding for increased productivity
Uses hot-knife technology for secure bound documents
Dimensions W 19 11/16'' X D 18 1/8'' X H 5 1/2''
Manual debinder included
1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
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List Price: $2,969.00 Now Only: $1,599.00

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