Laminating Cleaning Kit

spray cleaner scrubbing pad for hot laminators

Laminating Cleaning Kit
This cleaning kit is an excellent way to keep your laminating rollers and heat shoes clean and running trouble free. The foam cleaner can also be used on most of the surfaces of your laminator.

Before using the foam cleaner make sure your laminator is cold.

This cleaning kit offers a 13 oz. foam cleaner that aids in the removal of excess lamination glue build-up that adheres to your laminators rollers and heat shoes. The kit contains one foam cleaner, one coarse pad for cleaning the rollers and one non-abrasive pad to clean the heat shoes.
The foam cleaner should be used only when the laminator is cold.

Easy to use, make sure your laminator is cold first then apply a small amount of the foam cleaner to the surface to be cleaned. Using the coarse pad (included) lightly scrape off any dirt or glue on the rollers and wipe clean with a soft cleaning cloth. To clean the Heat Shoes, apply a small amount of foam cleaner to the rollers and lightly scrub off any glue or dirt using the the meshed non-abrasive pad (included). With a soft clean cloth wipe off any remainder of the dirt or glue.

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Features Include
One can of 13 oz of foam cleaner
One coarse pad to clean your rubber rollers
One non-abrasive cleaning pad to clean your heat shoes
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