XYRON XM 1255 12'' Cold Laminator

Xyron 12" cold laminating manual machine
Features Include
Allows you to laminate and create various projects up to 12'' wide
Uses easy to load cartridges
No heat or electricity is required
Choose from a variety of cartridges
Safe and easy operation
1 year limited manufacturer's warranty

Ships UPS Ground

XM-1255 Xyron 12'' Cold Laminator

The Xyron Model XM1255 is excellent for laminating various projects up to 12'' in width. Great for laminating signs, banners, teaching projects, labels and more. The Xyron 1255 is a manual Cold Laminator and requires no electricity or heat. Easy to operate, simply turn the handle and feed the item into the laminator and instantly your item is laminated. The unit offers various quick change cartridges. Cartridges include Two sides laminating, or One side laminating and One side adhesive and more.

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Optional Accessories/Supplies

Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Quantity
33496-00 Xyron Model XM1255
2-Sided Standard Laminating Film
Cartridge, DL1251-150
12'' X 150'
$130.14 $110.60
33498-00 Xyron Model XM1255
1-Side Laminating and 1-Side Repositionable Adhesive Cartridge, LAT1256-100
12'' X 100'
$174.21 $145.00
33500-00 Xyron Model XM1255
1-Side Laminating and 1-Side High Tack Permanent Adhesive Cartridge, LAT1251-100
12'' X 100'
$150.43 $126.40
33504-00 Xyron Model XM1255
1-Side High Tack Permanent Adhesive
Cartridge, AT1251-100
12'' X 100'
$132.60 $112.70
33502-00 Xyron Model XM1255
1-Side Repositionable Adhesive
Cartridge, AT1256-100
12'' X 100'
$157.21 $131.80
33503-00 Xyron Model XM1255
1-Side Permanent Standard Adhesive
Cartridge, AT1255-100
12'' X 100'
$132.60 $112.70