Finish@Coil-E1 Coil Inserter with Electric Coil Crimper

Akiles Finish@Coil-E1 electric coil inserter, electric coil crimper, adjustable roller, foot pedal, diameter selector

    (48 contiguous United States)
    Model FINISH@COIL-E1

    The FINISH@COIL-E1 Electric Coil Inserter will increase your productivity and make inserting coil fast and easy. This unit offers a foot pedal operated electric coil crimper built-in. The crimper will quickly and easily cut and crimp the coil binding ends to hold the pages and covers of the document securely in place. The built-in adjustable coil crimper can be used with coil bindings from 6mm up to 50mm. The unit offers an easy to adjust full size roller 11 3/8'' that allows you to insert coil up to 50mm. This coil crimper is simple to operate: start the coil into the punched holes of the document, place the coil against the roller, press the foot switch and spin the coil into the document. Then place one end of the coil binding into the cutter/ crimper, press the foot pedal for a cut and crimped end then turn your document over and cut and crimp the other binding end and your document is complete. The unit has a U-shaped channel that assists in conforming the spine of larger documents to the coil's shape for faster inserting of the coil. This coil inserter provides an economical way to insert coil fast and easily. This electric coil inserter is ideal for operators with large workloads.

    Features Include
    Electric coil inserter
    Inserts coil from 6mm up to 50 mm
    Single side built-in coil crimper that can cut and crimp up to 50mm coil bindings
    Electric foot-pedal operated coil crimping
    Adjustable full size roller 11 3/8''
    Foot pedal activates roller for hands free coil inserting
    U shaped guide assists paper to form the curve of the coil
    Diameter Selector assists in selecting the correct size diameter of coil for your document
    One year limited manufacturer's warranty
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    Optional Accessories/Supplies

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    34130-50 Coil Crimping Pliers
    Coil Crimping Pliers Cut And Crimp The Coil Binding Ends.
    Includes Free Shipping
    $32.00 $26.95