VersaMac Electric Power Punch

VersaMac Punch

Heavy Duty
Power Punch With Interchangeable Die System
Model VersaMac

The VersaMac is one of the most productive punches on the market today. The unit is an excellent time saver for companies that need to increase their productivity or offer more than one type of binding. The VersaMac punches up to 55 sheets of 20lb paper at a time depending on the die punch pattern. The easy to use machine features interchangeable punching dies that allow you to change the punching pattern for coil binding, comb binding, wire binding, velobinding and 3 hole paper punching. All of these dies are sold separately. The VersaMac offers an industrial motor and punches paper up to 14'' in length. The open end design allows for punching even larger sheets. The unit offers an adjustable depth margin control -- the margin depth control allows you to vary the distance the holes are punched from the edge of the paper which will enable the pages to turn easier. The VersaMac offers both foot pedal and manual punch operation and include a built-in Anti Jam (Reverse)Feature. The unit even has a wire holder great when wire binding and a U-Shaped Alignment Channel that aids in coil binding aligment. The unit is made of metal construction and built for years of trouble free paper punching.

Features Include
Includes one interchangeable wire binding die
Heavy duty power punch that use interchangable punching dies
Industrial grade punch motor
Dimensions: 10.5''H X 18''L X 20.5''W
Net weight: 108 lbs
Shipping weight: 121lbs
Punches 14'' in length
Open end design allows you to punch paper even longer than 14''
Adjustable depth margin
Built-in Anti Jam (Reverse) Feature
LED diagnostic lights
Foot pedal or manual punch operation
Slide margin control
Extra-Large waste drawer with see through overfill window
Metal construction
3 year limited manufacturer's warranty
Item # 34163-98 You save: $2,020.00
List Price: $6,219.00 Now Only: $4,199.00

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Optional Accessories/Supplies
Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Quantity
34122-06 2:1 Wire Binding Die
Rectangular Hole
$1,369.00 $899.00
34123-06 3:1 Wire Binding Die
Square Hole
$1,369.00 $899.00
34124-06 4:1 Coil Binding Die
Round Hole
$1,369.00 $899.00
34125-06 4:1 Coil Binding Die
Oval Size Hole
$1,449.00 $979.00
34126-06 Comb Binding Die
Rectangular Hole
$1,369.00 $899.00
34127-06 3 Hole Die
Round Hole
$1,369.00 $899.00
34128-06 3:1 Wire Binding Die
Square Hole with Half-Moon Cut
$1,449.00 $979.00
34129-06 3:1 Wire Binding Die
Round Hole with Half-Moon Cut
$1,449.00 $979.00