Model 450 Manual Wire Binding Closer

Tamerica Durawire 450 wire closer easy to use adjustments

Heavy Duty Wire Binding Closer
With easy-to-use adjustments.
Model 450

This wire binding closer is easy to operate. Just turn the screws simultaneously at the ends of the unit to adjust to the correct wire binding diameter, insert the prepunched pages into the wire and push the handle to close the wire. Binds from 1/4'' TO 1 1/4'' wire bindings. The unit is made of metal construction.

Features Include
Binds up to 1/4'' to 1 1/4'' wire bindings
Closes wire up to 14'' legal size documents
Easy to adjust wire binding diameters settings
Metal Construction
1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
Item # 38096-00 You save: $107.00
List Price: $345.00 Now Only: $238.00

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